10 Fun Family Campfire Games

Sitting around the campfire with friends and family is the perfect time to play some games and create more lasting memories. These 10 games don’t require any preparation and can be played time and time again, even if you’re not on a camping trip!

1. Where in world is our family?
This is a great game to help relive past vacations so no one forgets the fun times you’ve had together. The person gives 3 clues about the vacation spot and then other family members get a chance to guess where it is.
“It’s the milk chocolate ride, smells sweet, amazing rose gardens” Answer – Hershey, PA

2. Add to the Story
One person starts a story then the next person adds to it and so on. It makes for some really funny stories.
“Once up on a time there was a boy walking through the forest when he saw a glowing blue flower.”

3. I spy
If you still have some light why not play I spy in this unique environment. One person says I spy something green. Others try to guess based on these simple clues. Whoever guesses it goes next.

4. Alphabet Lists
You could play it around any topic or theme!
Disney Characters – “A is for Anastasia, B is for Belle, C is for Cheshire Cat, D is for Dumbo, etc.”

5. Mom’s Silly Stories
It could be Dad or kid too, but have the kid’s give you characters, settings, events, etc. and make up a silly story to get the whole family laughing.

6. That makes me think of…
This is a great game to see what your kids are thinking about and get to know them better. To start say anything and then someone else blurts out what that word makes them think of and it keeps going and going.
Pizza makes me think of Pepperoni makes me think of Mom [’s pizza eggs] makes me think of love , etc.

7. Family History
This is a great opportunity to tell some family history stories. Tell kids the story of how you & your spouse met, a silly story about you growing up, your children’s birth stories, a favorite memory, etc.

8. Where in the US is Carmen San Diego?
This is a fun clue game to help kids practice some geography to mix this learning and fun game.
“Carmen San Diego is in a very large state that is sunny almost all the time and has a famous zoo”

9. Star Pictures
Instead of making pictures out of clouds in the sky, why not make pictures out of the stars. This game works well when you are out far enough to really see the stars and have old enough children that can stay up late when it is completely dark.

10. Family Encouragement
Take turns going around and saying 3-5 things we love about a member of the family. It’s a great way to bond, encourage, and make lasting memories.

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Happy Camping! 🙂