5 Camping Hacks You Never Thought Of

Here are 5 Camping hacks that you never thought of to make your next trip a breeze!

1. Bake eggs on the grill using a muffin tin- no need to lug out the frying pan! Plus the eggs will be the perfect size and shape for breakfast sandwiches!

2. Use a lint roller to check for ticks after being in the woods- make sure you or your dog are tick free after a walk by picking up any stray ticks with a lint roller! Any ticks that haven’t attached yet should get picked up and stuck to the roller!

3. Clip travel sized shampoo and soap to a lanyard- no more lugging around that bulky shower caddy to the bathrooms when you need to shower! just bring your lanyard and hang it over the shower head for easy accessibility!

4. Use Vicks Vaporub as mosquito repellent- This product contains Cedarleaf Oil, which deters mosquitos! Put dabs on your neck, ankles, wrists, or other hot spots and just the smell will keep those bugs at bay!

5. Use “Joke Candles” to light campfires- Those joke candles that keep relighting after being blown out are perfect for lighting campfires since the wind won’t blow them out!

Happy Camping! 🙂