7 Must-Have Camping Apps

Many people think of camping as a reason to disconnect from technology, but we have found that technology can enhance the camping experience on many different levels. While you should not have your face in your phone the entire trip, there are many Apps that you can download to make your next camping trip easier and more fun!

1. Classic Camping Cookbook & Meal Planner : This meal planning App lets you search for recipes, see exactly what ingredients you need, and how to make it!

2. Heads Up : This awesome game is so much fun to play around the campfire with family and friends. Act out the word or give clues to get your partner to guess what word is on their head!

3. First Aid American Red Cross : The American Red cross app puts expert advice in your hands. The app gives you access to information you need to know for the most common first aid emergencies. It also includes, videos, interactive quizzes and simple step-by step advice.

4. Go Sky Watch : Study the stars and get accurate orientation when held at any angle. Just point to the sky and start exploring constellations, planets and deep sky objects.

5. History Here : Have you ever wondered what kind of history has taken place at the very place you are at? This is an interactive and location based guide to thousands of historic locations across the united states. This app includes GPS location to help you find what you are looking for and loads of interesting facts about your point of interest.

6. AllTrails Hiking & Mountain Biking Trails : See thousands of Hiking and Biking trails in your area and plan the perfect day outdoors!

7. Chow Now- Kamper’s Kitchen : If you don’t feel like waiting in line or want to pick up an order later on in the day, download our Chow Now App for our Kamper’s Kitchen and enjoy!

Happy Camping!