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Little Miss & Master Pageant

Trophies awarded immediately following the last event at the Recreation Lodge at 3pm.

  1. Contestant must be three years old by August 1st, and not over nine years old by August 1st.
  2. Contest is open to any boy or girl in the three, four & five age group and six through nine age group. (Prizes awarded in two age groups)
  3. Children must go on stage alone. Parents are not allowed on the stage area while pageant is in progress.
  4. Applaud each child’s performance.
  5. Due to the complexity of scoring and totaling, score sheets will not be shown. The judges decisions are final.
  6. Trophies and prizes will be awarded to the winners.
  7. Please have the contestants at the Recreation Lodge by 2pm
  8. Children are only eligible to win the title one year.
  9. Competition attire:
  • All female contestants will compete in swimsuit, sportswear, and party dress categories, in that order.
  • All male contestants will compete in swimsuit, sportswear, and formal attire (tuxedo not necessary), in that order.
  • Sportswear suggestions: Baseball outfit, football, basketball, soccer, karate, track, tennis, boxing, or any theme of your choice.

Sorry, but you can no longer sign up online; however, you can sign up at the Recreation Lodge until 10am on Saturday. Thank you!