Being Thankful

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, it’s time to remember all of the wonderful things that we have in our lives that we should give thanks to. It reminds us that not everything is guaranteed and that appreciation for even the smallest facets of life should be given each and every day.  Someone who has inspired us to give thanks more often is one of our beautiful guests, 4 year old, Vienna.

Vienna and her family camp with us all spring. According to her mom, Vienna LOVES camping and cannot wait to return next spring to enjoy all of the fun once again. Just last month, Vienna was diagnosed with Leukemia. Her diagnosis was sudden, unexpected, and terrifying. It hit home to know that such a young, sweet, beautiful, guest of ours would have to experience something so terrible. Vienna’s mom wrote to us and told us that their camping trip would still be a top priority, as camping at Normandy Farms would make Vienna ecstatic! We have followed her story for a month now and to say that this is the strongest and bravest little girl that we have ever met would be a complete understatement. She’s inspiring, thoughtful, and oh-so-cute. Her courage and positive outlook make it impossible not to smile and appreciate all of the great opportunities and good fortune that we have been given in our own lives.

So this year, as Thanksgiving approaches, give thanks for everything that you have been blessed with in your life and pray for Vienna and her family as they battle leukemia and as they give thanks to you for your support and encouragement. We’ll see you in the spring, Vienna!

To follow Vienna’s progress along with us, you can like her Facebook page: