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Summer schedule until 9/5 (subject to change)

All activities are complimentary, unless noted by the ($) symbol. Programs and activities are subject to change without notice. In case of rain, an alternate schedule will be posted.


  • 9:00AM SILENT DRAWING: Buy your tickets .50 each or 3 for $1.00, for items of your choice and deposit in containers at the Recreation Lodge, proceeds are donated to the Jimmy Fund. You do not need to be present to win but will be responsible for picking up your prize after you are notified.50/50 DRAWING Winner announced
  • 10:30AM CANDY BAR BINGO: one large candy bar buys a card


  • 10:00AM FISHING DERBY: all ages, pond, prize for 1st caught, largest, smallest. Bait for sale at the Reception Center
  • 11:30AM TODDLER TIME: ages 2-5 years, creative arts center
  • 1:00PM CORNHOLE: teen & adult, safari #4 (T-shirt prize)
  • 2:30PM NOODLEMANIA: teen & adult, pool #4
  • 3:30PM PING PONG: all ages, activity room
  • 4:30PM BOCCE: teen & adult, safari #4 (T-shirt prize)
  • 7:30PM CANDY BAR BINGO ($): all ages, main hall one large candy bar, buys 1 card


  • 10:00AM DODGEBALL: 6-12 yrs., field #1 beside hospitality gate
    10:30AM AQUA ZUMBA: teen & adult, pool #4
    11:00AM TEEN CARD TOURNEY: 13-19 yrs main hall (T-shirt prize) Texas Holdum
  • 12:00PM PING PONG TOURNEY: teen & adult, main hall (T-shirt prize)
  • 1:00PM PARACHUTE PLAY: 8 years & under beside pool #1
  • 2:00PM WACKY WEDNESDAY EVENTS: Pickleball Championship, teen & adult, tennis court
  • 4:00PM ARTS & CRAFTS: 6 years & Up $1, creative arts center
  • 5:30PM SPIKE BALL: teen and adult, safari #4 (T-shirt prize)
  • 7:00PM CRIBBAGE: adults (T-shirt prize) creative arts center
  • 7:30-9:30 DJ Eddie The Fixer


  • 11:30AM WASHERTOSS TOURNEY: all ages, safari #4 (T-shirt prize)
  • 1:00PM CORN HOLE: teen & adult, safari #4 (T-shirt prize)
  • 2:30PM CANDY BAR BINGO ($): all ages, main hall, one large candy bar buys one card
  • 3:30PM TYE DYE: ($) Purchase your Normandy Farms T-shirt from us, limited supply, outside the creative arts center
  • 6-8PM BYOB HAPPY HOUR: Safari #4 Pavilion
  • 6:00PM DART TOURNEY: teen & adult, activity room (T-shirt prize)
  • 8:00PM TEAM TRIVIA CONTEST: main hall (T-shirt prize) (6 Max per team)


  • 10:30AM AQUA ZUMBA: teen & adult, pool #4
  • 11:30AM PARACHUTE PLAY: 8 & under, beside pool #1
  • 12:30PM POOL TOURNEY: teen & adult, meet in the kids activity loft  (T-shirt prize)
  • 2:30PM ARTS & CRAFTS($): 6yrs & Up, $1, creative arts center
  • 4:00PM PYRAMIDBALL: teen & adult, main hall (T-shirt prize)
  • 5:30PM PICKLEBALL: teen & adult, tennis courts, (T-shirt prize)
  • 7:30PM BINGO ($): Early bird starts at 7:30, limited space come early
  • 7:30PM MOVIE: all ages, creative arts center


  • 11:00AM  HORSESHOES: doubles adults safari #4 (T-shirt & Trophy prize)
  • 11:00AM  ONE PITCH SOFTBALL TOURNAMENT FIELD #1 ONLY meet at ballfield #1 no later than 10:30am. Pre-register by Friday 9pm or until roster is filled.  Older teens & adults (T-shirt prize)
  • 12:30PM CAPTURE THE FLAG: 6-12 yrs. safari #4
  • 1:30PM KICKBALL: 6-12 yrs, field #2
  • 2:30PM KIDS BOCCE: 6-12years, safari #4 (T-shirt prize)
  • 3:30PM DISC GOLF: all ages, meet at horseshoe area (T-shirt prize)
  • 7:30PM HIT SQUAD BAND: ages, main hall


    • 10:30AM VOLLEYBALL TOURNAMENT: Meet no later than 10am in Safari #4, Older teens & adults, pre-register by Saturday at 5PM at the Rec Lodge or until the roster is filled.
    • 11-3PM JAIL DAY: Under Adult Loft Area Have someone arrested, proceeds go to the Jimmy Fund
    • 11:00AM CANDY BAR BINGO ($): all ages, main hall one large candy bar buys one card
    • 12:30PM PARACHUTE PLAY:8 years & under, beside pool #1
    • 1:30PM KAN JAM: teen & adult, safari #4 area (T-shirt prize)
    • 5:30-7:30PM BYOB HAPPY HOUR: adults only—adult loft
    • 7:30PM CACTUS GANG BAND: all ages, main hall