Campfire Orange Cake

This yummy dessert recipe is sure to have you drooling- Campfire Orange Cake! Okay… so the cake flavor isn’t actually orange, it’s whatever you want it to be! The trick is to bake it inside the orange peel in the campfire! Trust me, you and the kids will love baking these delicious treats! Serves 4!

4 Large Oranges
1 Box of Cake Mix and any ingredients needed to make the batter (any flavor you’d like!)
Tin Foil
Can of frosting (optional)

Cut the tops off the oranges and scoop out the fruit.
Mix up your favorite flavor of cake batter and fill the hollowed orange half way.
Place the top back on the orange and wrap it tightly in tin foil.
Place the oranges in the campfire coals for about 20 minutes, turning occasionally.
Unwrap when cooled and top with frosting!

Ta Da! You now have a tasty dessert with just a tinge of orange flavor. YUM! Top with frosting if you want it to be extra sweet and scrumptious!

Happy Camping!