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Posted June 18, 2014

Homemade Pancakes

Nothing is better than pancakes for breakfast. Whether you’re a kid and love having mom or dad make you this sweet, savory meal, or you’re an adult and it brings you back to your childhood, pancakes are a classic and staple camping meal. Next time you go to pick up a box of pre-mixed stuff […]

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Posted May 26, 2014

No Bake Breakfast Cereal Bars

Breakfast is definitely the most important meal of the day, but sometimes there just isn’t enough time or energy to cook a huge meal for the family so early in the morning. These breakfast bars are a great alternative! They have all the nutrients of cereal and are sweet like a candy bar. Kids will […]

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Posted May 16, 2014

Campfire Orange Cake

This yummy dessert recipe is sure to have you drooling- Campfire Orange Cake! Okay… so the cake flavor isn’t actually orange, it’s whatever you want it to be! The trick is to bake it inside the orange peel in the campfire! Trust me, you and the kids will love baking these delicious treats! Serves 4! […]

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Posted April 29, 2014

Foil-Pack Chicken & Broccoli Dinner

When it comes to dinner, there are two things we know for certain: cleaning copious amounts of dishes is tedious and undesirable, and a home-cooked meal is tasty, satisfying, and incomparable to any take out meal. This week I have a recipe that is sure to win over the taste buds of even your pickiest […]

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Posted April 16, 2014

Healthy Camping Dessert- Baked Nutella Bananas

Keeping your diet on track while you’re on vacation is always difficult. The amount of sweets and snacks that tempt you are countless and it’s even easier to let yourself off the hook when you rationalize eating the entire sleeve of cookies by telling yourself that you’re only indulging because you’re on vacation. It’s not […]

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Posted April 3, 2014

Bacon Wrapped Poppers

It’s official: we are finally open for the 2014 camping season! Bring on the warm weather, sunshine, good times, and delicious camping food. There is nothing better than cooking around or on the fire and spending some quality time with your family and friends. Here’s a recipe that is sure to be the hit of […]

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Posted February 4, 2014

Camping Breakfast Idea: Breakfast Boats

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so why not make it fun, healthy, and easy! Breakfast Boats are the perfect combination of all your breakfast favorites! Sourdough baguettes filled with sausage (or bacon), eggs and cheese, baked until hot and toasty! Here’s the recipe! Ingredients: 4 demi sourdough baguettes (I found them […]

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Posted November 25, 2013

Pilgrim Cupcakes

Only 3 more days until Thanksgiving! Despite my last post being catered toward healthy living and active lifestyles, I can’t help but post something cute and delicious for this week. Dessert is always a good item to bring to your family’s house when attending Thanksgiving dinner. Sure, you could bring the usual apple or pumpkin […]

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Posted November 6, 2013

8 Mug Recipes

There are a lot of good things that come in mugs: coffee, tea, hot chocolate. But who would have guessed that you could also make some decadent desserts in that old ceramic mug? Mug desserts have so many great things about them: they’re easy to make, they’re the perfect portion, there aren’t a million dishes […]

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Posted October 25, 2013

Pumpkin Waffles with Apple Cider Syrup

There are still 10 more days in October, which means that there are 10 more days to enjoy all the deliciousness of pumpkin without feeling like you are really dragging out the seasonal fall flavor. Pumpkin goes well with a multitude of different recipes: coffee, pie, cake, bread, fudge, and so many other things; you […]

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