Cleaning Your Camper Awning

Cleaning the camper canopy isn’t always the most fun activity, but in order to ensure the durability and safety of your awning, it’s a necessary chore. With basic maintenance, cleaning can be kept to a minimum. This means inspecting your canopy after each use for dirt buildup or stains, and making sure not to store the canopy while the fabric is still wet: this ensures that you won’t have any mold or mildew growing! But for deeper cleaning, follow these easy tips!

Basic Cleaning:

-Choose a shaded area that is free of debris and accessible to a water supply.
-Begin cleaning by hosing the canopy down with water to remove any loose dirt and leaves.
-Fill a bucket with water and a small amount of dish soap. Around two tablespoons of soap is usually enough to clean a canopy.
-Using a soft brush, begin scrubbing the canopy with the soapy water until the entire area is covered with soap.
-Rinse the canopy with the hose until there are no visible suds.
-Allow to air dry.

Cleaning Difficult Stains:

-For stubborn stains such as grease, try a commercial cleaner. Canopies come in various materials such as acrylic or canvas and many are treated with fabric protection so make sure the cleaner you purchase and use is made for your canopy type.
-Never use harsh chemicals or bleach to clean your camper canopy since they can affect the fabric’s durability and lead to damage.
-Tree sap can be cleaned from a camper by using the ice cube method. Place ice cubes on the area where tree sap is present, then once they adhere to the spot, gently begin chipping them off. Be careful not the ruin the finish on the canopy.

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Happy Camping! 🙂