Foil-Pack Chicken & Broccoli Dinner

When it comes to dinner, there are two things we know for certain: cleaning copious amounts of dishes is tedious and undesirable, and a home-cooked meal is tasty, satisfying, and incomparable to any take out meal. This week I have a recipe that is sure to win over the taste buds of even your pickiest eaters and will leave you with minimal dish washing and more time to spend with the family! Chicken & Broccoli Foil-Packs :

Chicken and Broccoli Foil Pack


1 package Stuffing mix; chicken flavor
1 1/4 cup Water
24 ounce Boneless skinless chicken breast cutlets; 6oz each
4 cups Broccoli Florets
1 cup Shredded chedar cheese
4 slices Cooked bacon; crumbled
4 tablespoon Ranch dressing
Salt and Pepper
Original recipe makes 4 Servings


-Set the oven to 400 degrees.
-Spray 4 large sheets of heavy-duty foil with oil.
-Combine stuffing mix and water.
-Spoon 1/4 of the stuffing mixture onto the center of each foil sheet.
-Top stuffing with a 6oz. chicken breast half.
-Top chicken with 1 c. broccoli.
-Sprinkle with 1/4 of the cheese and 1 slice of bacon, crumbled.
-Drizzle with 1 T. ranch dressing
-Season with salt and pepper.
-Bring up foil sides and fold to seal, leaving room for heat circulation inside
-Place packets on a cookie sheet and bake 25-30 mins
-Remove packets and let stand 5 mins
-Cut sits in foil for steam before opening.

Viola! A home-cooked, super delicious meal that’s everyone will love. And the best part: eat it right from the cooled foil packets and just throw them away when you’re done!

Happy Camping!