Healthy Camping Dessert- Baked Nutella Bananas

Keeping your diet on track while you’re on vacation is always difficult. The amount of sweets and snacks that tempt you are countless and it’s even easier to let yourself off the hook when you rationalize eating the entire sleeve of cookies by telling yourself that you’re only indulging because you’re on vacation. It’s not that you don’t deserve the sweets because, believe me, you do!! Instead of having a 5th s’more or a large ice cream sundae, try this healthier dessert alternative that has some extra nutrition but all the sweet tooth satisfaction of your regular dessert choice. It’s called Baked Nutella Bananas.

Baked Nutella Bananas

Nutella (or chocolate chips)

Peel one side of the banana down and scrape away some of the fruit to allow for some room for Nutella and Marshmallows. Spread the Nutella in the banana (1-2 tbsp) and place marshmallow (sliced in halves or thirds) on top. Close the banana peel and wrap it in tin foil. Place the tin foil wrapped banana in the hot coals of a campfire for about 10 minutes or until the banana is soft. Carefully remove the tinfoil and eat the ooey, gooey, goodness with a spoon!

You could change this recipe around to fit your personal tastes: some people use chocolate chips instead of Nutella, and some like to add peanut butter as well! If made using the directions and ingredients listed, there will only be about 200-250 calories per serving!

Happy Camping! 🙂