Homemade Campfire Donuts

Breakfast or dessert? We’ll let you decide. This recipe is for homemade campfire donuts. There are only 4 ingredients and it only takes a few minutes to make! There really isn’t any better smell than fresh, warm, sugary donuts on a cool morning (or evening), so make sure you try this recipe on your next camping trip!

You will need:
a can of buttermilk biscuits
vegetable oil for frying
about a cup of sugar
one or two tablespoons of cinnamon, according to taste

Heat about two inches of oil in a large pot. Separate the biscuits on a cutting board and cut a hole from the center of each. Sprinkle the cinnamon and sugar into a bag. Fry the biscuits in the oil in a pan over the fire, flipping them over with tongs when they are golden-brown. Sometimes it’s difficult to see that the doughnuts are done on the bottom, so be sure to check after one or two minutes. Once both sides are finished frying, let them drain on paper towels or a plate. Then, drop them in the cinnamon-sugar bag and shake them up. If you’re still hungry, you can fry the doughnut holes!