Impress Your Family and Friends With a Great Campfire

Building a campfire can seem like an easy task, but anyone who has attempted it before knows that it is not as simple as it seems. Sometimes you don’t have enough kindling, the environmental conditions aren’t just right, or your wood-stacking technique just isn’t up to par. But don’t worry- follow these simple steps and you’ll impress everyone with your amazing campfire-building skills!

1. Find a Fire Ring: Our park provides a fire ring to each and every site. Please use it to keep everything and everyone safe!

2. Gather Wood: You’ll need Tinder, Kindling, and Logs to make this fire roar. Tinder includes small twigs, dry leaves, needles or forest duff. Kindling consists of small sticks, typically less than one inch around. And Logs are the larger pieces of wood – remember not to move wood more than 50 miles away from where you got it!

3. Build the Fire: Try any of these wood-stacking variation to really impress your family and friends!
Teepee: Start with a small cone of kindling around a few handfuls of tinder that are loosely piled in the center of the fire ring. Once the fire is going strong and the temperature increases, you can add larger logs a few at a time as needed.
Log cabin: Place two larger pieces of firewood parrallel to each other and with some room in between to form the base of your structure. Then, turn 90 degrees and place two slightly smaller pieces on top and perpendicular to form a square. Place plenty of tinder inside the square. Continue adding a few more layers of firewood around the perimeter, getting a little bit smaller with each layer. Finish with a layer of kindling and tinder across the top. Remember to leave space between logs so the fire can get plenty of oxygen.
Upside down (pyramid): Start with three or four of your largest logs side-by-side on the bottom layer. Turn 90 degrees and then add a second layer of slightly smaller logs on top. Continue alternating a few more layers in this manner, getting smaller as you go. Place your kindling and tinder on top.

4. Light the Fire: Light the tinder with a match or lighter. After lighting the tinder, blow lightly at the base of the fire to provide oxygen, which will help increase the intensity of the flame and further ignite the wood.

5. Extinguish the flame: Extinguish all fires by pouring water on them, stirring the ashes, then applying more water.

Remember to always keep the campfire at a safe size and distance away from other flammable objects! And don’t forget the s’mores! See the original article here!

Happy Camping 🙂