March 18th, 2019 Reservation Day


Hi there everyone!

With our upcoming reservation day on Sunday March 18th, I figured it would be useful for you folks if I shared some handy tips about booking reservations with us at Normandy Farms. As of 9 AM on 3/18, guests will be able to book reservations via phone, email, online or in person for our 2019 camping season.

If you are utilizing our call lines to book reservations that day or joining us in person, we suggest you be prepared with your dates handy in front of you starting with the most important to you, or dates that might be the busiest. For instance, if Fourth of July, Memorial Day, Labor Day, or perhaps your birthday or anniversary are dates that you are most excited for, we suggest we book those first as holiday dates do book up quickly! Our team of Guest Service Representatives are trained for that day to request your busiest time frames to ensure we can book your reservations as quickly and efficiently as possible!

For those of you that have not tried out our online system before, I suggest logging in prior to the date of reservation day to familiarize yourself with it. Our online system is LIVE, meaning it shows all of the same campsites that our Guest Service Reps can see when assisting you on the phone or in person. Your log in name would be the email associated with your reservations. If you need any assistance with navigating the online system, or if you need your password to be reset, please contact us prior to reservation day for assistance.

Summer Reservations- As most of you who have camped with us before know, the majority of our campsites in our Peak Season (end of June- August) are booked on a weekly basis from either Friday- Friday, Saturday- Saturday or Sunday to Sunday. Listed below are the campsites that follow each of our weekly guidelines. Any campsites that are not listed do not have to follow a weekly guideline or may be apart of our seasonal program.

Friday-Friday: Cabins A11, A12, A16 & A17,111-118, 211-218, 311-317,411-418,511-519,611-618,711-718,811-817,912-919,T14-T25

Saturday-Saturday: Cabins A13 &A14, 5-25, A3, A9, A10 ,B1-B10 ,C1-C5, E1-E5, F1-F4, G1-G4, H1-H5,1301-1305,1401,1406,1501-1506

Sunday-Sunday:101-106,201,208,406-410, 501-509,601-609,701-709,801-807, 901-908,1001-1008,1201-1205

Group Reservations- This is an extremely useful feature of our reservation program, especially for the type of campground we are, a family/friend oriented one! A favorite aspect of the campground of mine is the large groups of friends and family that join us season after season. Normandy Farms began as a family tradition and we enjoy seeing that continue through our guests. We know  that booking sites close together for groups/families is ideal. As a guest you are able to create a group reservation either by phone or via email with us and set aside campsites that can later be booked by guests in your party. For example, Mrs. Smith can book a group reservation for Memorial Day Weekend for 4 campsites for her group of 4 families. All members of Mrs. Smith group would have 1 week from the day the reservation was made to call in and place their name and needed deposit on the campsites. Can it get easier than that?!

Credit Card Authorized Guests- If you have signed up to be apart of our Credit Card Authorized program, you are able to book campsites for other guests on reservation day. Please keep in mind, that your credit card/name can only hold that campsite for up to 1 week after the reservation is made. After 1 week the reservation will need to be changed into someone else’s name and have the required deposit put down, otherwise it will be cancelled. When booking reservations for yourself, you are not required to put down a deposit to hold the reservation. You will also receive 10%off each of your reservations!

Our Reception Center team works diligently to ensure we have a successful reservation day while providing the best guest service we can. We appreciate each one of you who takes the times to join us plan out your camping schedule for 2019, it feels like a world away!  Please feel free to contact our office with any questions regrading reservation day Monday- Friday 10 AM-5PM, we would be happy to assist you.

As always, thank you for taking the time to read our blog!

From our site, to yours.