Patriotic Flag Camping Craft

This Memorial Day, plan to take some time to remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country and do a fun, patriotic craft with the kids! This is the perfect craft for camping because all you need are paints, sticks, and hot glue! This flag makes the perfect decoration for your campsite or yard this holiday weekend, and it gives parents the opportunity to spend quality time with the kids and talk to them about what Memorial Day represents!

Red, White, and Blue paints
Paint brushes
Hot Glue
Twine or string (optional)

Gather sticks and break (or cut) them to be relatively the same length.
Position them horizontally, then take two extra sticks and glue them vertically to the other sticks. This will keep the sticks in place.
Paint the other side of the sticks to resemble the American Flag.
Once the paint has dried, use a small brush, or finger tips, to place white stars on the blue section.
Attach twine or string to each side on the back if you want to hang it!

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Happy Camping! 🙂