Recreation Department & Activities at Normandy Farms!

Most of you who have camped at Normandy Farms know how extensive the activities we offer are. I am writing now to tell you a little bit of information you may not know about our Recreation Department and all it has to offer!
As a child, I spent a good amount of time playing outside with my siblings and neighborhood friends. Most of the time I would not be directly in my own front yard, and that was normal. Now I am only 26 years old, but even since I was a child, times have changed. I have young nieces and nephews and playing away from your house, or even outside for an extended period of time isn’t “the norm” anymore. With the amount of technology that is offered in this day and age, children are spending more and more time inside. Here at Normandy Farms, we are promoting outdoor activities, fresh air, and being able to roam about the park in a safe and friendly environment. Frequently when I am talking with guests, they mention one of the reasons they love coming to Normandy with their family is because it gives their kids a feeling of independence, while allowing the parents to feel comfortable with the kids being off on their own at various activities.
Our Recreation Team is made up of adults, college students and high school students who go above and beyond to create a fun atmosphere for our guests. The extensive list of activities we offer ensures all members of the family, both adult, and children can be entertained while here in the park. From sports activities such as softball, to crafts like paint night and ceramics, Normandy offers something for everyone. We even offer health and wellness classes such as Yoga, Pound, Walk for the Health of it and Aqua Zumba. Our Recreation Director Sharon, and her team, are always changing things up and adding new choices, while of course keeping the classics within the line-up!
Recreation activities have been offered at Normandy Farms since the 1970’s. Beginning in the 1980’s, Normandy Farms started donating funds acquired from certain activities hosted to The Jimmy Fund. For those of you that do not know, The Jimmy Fund is charitable organization which raises money to assist adults, and children receiving cancer treatment at the Dana Farber Center in Boston. Over the past 4 decades Normandy Farms has donated over $300,000 to The Jimmy Fund! We are so appreciative of the guests who have assisted with that achievement.
All of our recreation activities can be found on our website at . We are always open to suggests or comments! Try a new activity next time you stay with us, you might just find a new favorite reason to come to Normandy Farms!
From our site, to yours.