Seasonal Allergies?

Spring TulipsFinally, spring weather is here! Although we can’t complain too much about the mild winter we experienced with snowfall totals being the lowest we have seen in years. Still, its exciting to be able to step outside without having to wear that bulky winter coat. Pops of color are blooming all around as are everyone’s seasonal allergies!
Camping with allergies of any kind can surely be a challenge. Check out these tips below to reduce your discomfort and enjoy the outdoors as much as you can.
1. Let your camper breathe! Most might think its best to keep the windows and doors closed in the RV to refrain from letting allergens in. Most likely they’re already in your camper so LET THEM FREE! If you have the type of unit where you can keep some windows slightly ajar while on the road, the breeze will help move some of those allergens around and will allow you to clean them up easier.
2. Air purifiers… sure this sounds a bit excessive for a camping trip, but it surely helps! Amazon has a variety of sizes and shapes to fit in any area of your camper you would like.
3. Remove any carpets you can! Most RV’s have carpeting in at least the bedrooms, if not throughout the entire unit. Be sure to vacuum them as frequently as you can. If you utilize floor mats or throw rugs throughout your unit, use nylon or rubber-based ones to reduce the collection of allergens.
4. Remove your shoes at the door. Cutting down on the number of outdoor elements you bring into your unit will not only decrease the number of allergens in the camper, but will keep your floors squeaky clean longer.
5. Switch your blinds. Vinyl blinds are the best to have in your RV for allergy issues and overall cleanliness. Older style blinds which have thicker fabrics tend to hold larger amount of dust.
6. Have the right cleaning supplies on hand. I’m sure you all have a stocking list for your camper at the beginning of your season. Make sure all of your cleaning supplies are well stocked!
7. Set your exhaust fan in your camper to “out” at least once a day. This will specifically help with any condensation in the bathroom of your unit.
8. Add plants! Yes, this does seem counter-intuitive, but any house hold plant actually helps with the overall air quality within your unit and home. Make sure to find a safe place for it when you hit the road again.
Hopefully at least one of these tips will give you, or your travel partners some relief. Happy Spring!
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