S’mores in a Bag

S’mores are a camping favorite that are fun to make and even more fun to eat! The winter months can leave us craving those warm, gooey treats and with a long time to wait until the camping season begins again. Sure, you could make them inside over the stove or in the living room by the fire, but unfortunately, they can get messy. And no one likes cleaning up chocolate and marshmallow from the carpet! Luckily, you can make s’mores in a bag to get all the tastiness of your favorite camping snack with no mess! This would be the perfect treat for New Years Eve!

Graham Cracker cookies (or any cookies of your choosing)
Chocolate (Chips, bars, melted, whatever you like)

Break the chocolate into pieces and place in the bag of cookies
Roast the marshmallows to your desired temperature (they have to be a little hot in order to mix in the bag)
Put the marshmallows in the bag and stir together with a plastic fork

Happy Camping and Happy New Year!

See the full recipe here!