Surviving February Vacation!

It’s here, February vacation. The normally cold 9 days where the kids are home from school and parents are scrambling for activities to do to keep the kids busy. Last year we experienced the warmest February vacation we had in years, even warmer than April vacation! However, this year looks to be a bit chilly with even some possible snow showers in the forecast. Keep the kids entertained with these indoor camping activities!

If you have a tent (that’s clean enough to be inside your house) set it up in the living room or your kid’s bedroom. If you have a sky light and the forecast looks to be clear that night, stage your “campsite” for possible star gazing. If you don’t have a tent, light sheets always work for a DIY fort. Extend the length of the activity by having the kids draw out their campsite design before constructing. If you have any left-over card board boxes, break them down and create a night sky. Poking holes in the box and hanging just under a light creates a magical scene. Obviously having a fire place would be ideal to set the scene. But for those of you who don’t, building a fire out of some simple supplies is easy. Collect some rocks to create a fire ring, sticks or logs for your wood and red, yellow or orange tissue paper. Hanging the tissue paper upside down and spraying with some hair spray will help with making it stand up straight.

Half the fun of camping is the food, right? Hit the grocery store to pick up your favorite camping treats. Obviously smores is a must, but spice it up a little bit with these unique smore recipes!
Other treats you have to have on your list:

Think back to your past camping trips… ask the kids what their favorite activities were and recreate them to be indoor friendly. A few of our favorites are:

  • Treasure Hunt’s
  • Marshmallow Tower- Take some of those leftover mallows and construct a tower/castle with tooth picks or chop sticks to make it extra tall! Get even more craft and make a toy model of your camping unit out the marshmallows.
  • Badminton- All you need is a few balloons and a couple rackets. If you don’t have rackets, or frankly don’t want tiny hands whipping a racket around your house, make it a hand only game. Use string, or a sheet to create a net and you have yourself an indoor court.
  • Cornhole/Bean Bag Toss- Cornhole is a crowd favorite! Instead of bringing the boards inside, use tape to mark your floors with a point system. Fill socks with rice if you don’t have any extra bean bags lying around. Rule: Underhand toss’s only 😉
  • Board Games “Life Size”- Pick a family favorite board game and turn it into life size fun! Candy Land for example: Create colored squares as your spaces and place around your home. The playing pieces are you and your kids! Dress up your playing pieces with whatever costumes you may have around the house!

Enjoy vacation! We hope to see some of you during April school vacation along with some warmer camping weather!