Tips for Keeping Mice out of your RV

As many of our guests are making their last few camping trips of the season, it’s time to think about storing the RV for the winter months. Part of winterizing the camper is ensuring that no mice or rodents can get in and make nests. Here are some tips and tricks to keeping mice out of your RV this winter!

Block Mice Access to the RV

Spray Foam – Expanding foam in a can is a great way to fill in cracks and tiny holes since it can be easily removed if need be. Pay special attention to the underside of the rig, inside the storage compartments and around plumbing feed through holes.

Steel Wool – For more aggressive mice that may like to chew their way through foam try adding in some steel wool to the mix. Chewing on the sharp steel fibers should deter them.

Xcluder – Commercial grade stainless steel non-rusting mesh used by professionals to block openings.

Screens – Use fine mesh screens on any larger openings like vents, access ports, and piping.

Power Cord Hole – If your rig uses a feed through for the power cord some call a “Mouse Hole” consider installing a fixed receptacle instead.

Metal Rings – Fashion metal rigs out of sheet metal and place on the ground around tires and jacks. Make them tall enough so mice can’t get over usually around 8 inches will do the trick.

Deter the Mice

Remove any food – Probably goes without saying but don’t leave any sort of food where a mouse could access it.

Seal Pet Food – Due to space constraints sometimes pet food needs to be stored in an outside compartment. Make sure to use a plastic sealed container.

Remove all paper products, clothing, and towels, etc. – When mice move in they will want to build a nest to start making more mice. Make sure there aren’t materials left in the RV to help them out with this.

Add night time lighting – lighting around the RV will deter mice and other rodents from seeking shelter in your camper.

Fabric Softener Sheets – Spread dryer sheets all over the RV when it’s in storage to keep mice away.

Irish Spring Soap – Same idea as the dry sheets; Supposedly mice hate the smell.

Moth Balls – these can be placed at entry points to deter mice and other animals, but use these with caution as they can be dangerous for children and pets.

Peppermint Oil – Soak cotton balls with it and leave in the mice infested area. Must be refreshed often.

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Happy Camping! 🙂

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