Toasted Marshmallow Dipped Strawberries

Often times it feels as though every camping dessert is the same. Smores are great, but a little variety goes a long way. Next time you are sitting by the fire, try these toasted marshmallow dipped strawberries for dessert. Strawberries dipped in anything are basically a gift from god, but you’ll love the sweet, gooey taste of toasted marshmallow that goes along with it. Once you perfect this recipe, try other variations like flavored marshmallow, adding Nutella or chocolate to the finished product, or any other variation you can think of!

1 pack of strawberries (washed)
1 jar of marshmallow topping

Place the strawberry on a skewer or marshmallow stick.
Dip the strawberry or coat it in the marshmallow topping.
Toast it over the fire until it’s golden brown.
Let cool and enjoy!

Happy Camping!

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