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Meet Our Animals

  • SMILE! You are on camera.
  • Authorized personnel only inside barn and fenced area
  • Do not climb or sit on fence
  • Do not throw anything at the animals or inside the fenced areas
  • Pets must stay 10 feet away from fence
  • No smoking within 10 feet of barn and fence
  • Do not taunt or yell at animals
  • Be respectful, violators will be composted

Baxter and Eddie are Nigerian Dwarf goat brothers born in April 2021. They are from East Burke, VT also known as the Northeast Kingdom.

Baxter is on the top and Eddie is on the bottom.

Our adorable mini donkeys, Sadie born 2016 & Susie born 2017, come from a beautiful farm in New York. This inseparable pair love spending time together and grazing all day.

Susie is on the left and Sadie is on the right.
Two more Nigerian Dwarf goats born May 2022 in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont.  Their names are Billy (top) and Tommy (bottom).
Smokey was born in 2017 and is a grey quarter horse from Wyoming.
Cowboy is 1/4 Draft and 3/4 Quarter Horse standing at 15.2. He was born in 2011 and comes from Montana.
Salt & Pepa are Babydoll lambs who were born in March of 2024 at a farm in Maryland.
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