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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the check in and check out times?

We look forward to your arrival as early as 3pm. However, if you are staying in one of our Rental units, your arrival time is 4pm (housekeeping has a little work to do prior to your arrival). On your scheduled departure date, we invite you to stay until 12pm. Rental units have a check out time of 11am.

Unfortunately during our summer season from mid-June through Labor Day, late stays are not permitted. During the spring and fall, a late checkout is possible if the site is not reserved for the next evening. From noon to 3pm there is no additional fee, after 3pm up to 5pm the fee is $20 and beyond 5pm it would be the regular nightly site fee. Please inquire at the Reception Center on the day of your checkout to see if your site may be available for a late stay.

Are campfires allowed and can I bring firewood?

Yes, campfires are permitted and firewood is available for sale at our camp store. We ask that you do not bring in firewood in order to protect our trees from harmful insects. Only use one fire ring. Fires should never be left unattended and should not exceed 3 feet high. Firewood pallets are not permitted.

  • 6am-12am – prior to Memorial Day and after Labor Day.
  • 6pm-12am – Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day Weekend.

What is provided on the site?

There is a fire ring and picnic table on every site and depending upon your hookups, water, electricity, sewer, or cable connections may be included.

What are my choices for payment?

Good question! To secure your reservation, you can pay your deposit by cash, Traveler’s Checks, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, or even a Normandy Farms Gift Card. At check in, you may use any of the above except personal checks.

What if I have to cancel my reservation?

Please read this answer thoroughly, as the cancellation policy does vary depending on what type of reservation you have. A $25 processing fee will be charged for EACH canceled reservation. Though we certainly hope you don’t, if you find you must cancel your reservation, simply give us the appropriate notice prior to your scheduled arrival date and we will return your deposit less any processing fees.

  • Rental Unit cancellations require 1 months prior to your scheduled arrival date.
  • A stay of 7 nights or longer during our peak season requires 1 months notice.
  • Cancellation policy varies for seasonal packages and long-term winter monthly stays so you would want to inquire for those specifics.
  • All other reservations require 2 weeks notice prior to your scheduled arrival date.

Sadly, even in cases of an emergency, we cannot refund deposits when a cancellation occurs without proper notice. Additionally, guests who shorten their stay are liable for charges on cancelled nights. For those campers who participate in our Credit Card Authorization program, your MasterCard, Visa or Discover will be charged the processing fee. Also, proper cancellation notice is required to avoid additional charges.

Can we bring our pets camping with us?

You bet! Four-legged friends are part of the family too. We even have a spacious dog park called Freedom Tail Park, where dogs are free to chase their tails. The park is fully fenced and contains agility equipment specially designed for dogs. We just ask that you extend every courtesy to those families camping without pets and be sure to keep your pets on a leash, pick up after them and please do not leave them unattended. Also, please be sure to carry proof of current vaccinations.

Allow your dog to hang outside in the comfort of his or her very own custom Canine Coop complete with a dog house while you enjoy a little time by the pool or perhaps an afternoon of sightseeing. Click here to reserve a Coop and you will be given a unique key for access. If you prefer to leave your dog in your RV, we can take your dog out for a potty break, walk or an adventure hike while you’re out. Click here to request a reservation.

Health Department regulations permit pets in designated rentals only (service animals excluded). We’re sorry, but visitors are unable to bring their pets into the park.

What are the hours of operation

Click here to view our hours of operation.

Can I have visitors while camping?

Yes, but please let your visitors know that there is a per person visiting fee. Many visitors are not campers themselves and would not anticipate this. Explain that this fee gives your visitor full use of all facilities while here in the park. Visitors may check in at the Reception Center between 8am and 9pm and are welcome to stay until 10pm. There is a limit of 10 visitors to a campsite.  Also, please let any expected guests know that they may not bring their pets to the park.

is there wildlife or insects we should be concerned about?

Exposing your family to the joys of camping also means introducing them to wildlife and some undesirable insects. To avoid attracting these critters to your site, you should not leave food or trash out. Please note, Norfolk County sprays for mosquitoes on Tuesday nights during our summer season.

Can I request my favorite site?

You sure can, but please remember that specific sites are not guaranteed. This means that you can request a certain site, but it is subject to change. You could be moved to a different spot without notification. Your new spot would still have comparable hookups but may not be the one you had your heart set on.

Can I go directly to my campsite upon check-in?

Definitely! If your reservation is paid in full, you will receive your gate pass via email so that you can proceed directly to your campsite without having to stop in the Reception Center. Simply scan your bar code or enter the access code on the keypad to pass through the gate. Your access code will be active at the specified check in time: campsite check-in is at 3pm and check-out is at 12pm. Rental check-in is at 4pm and check-out is at 11am.
You must display your car pass on your dashboard, which will come attached to your confirmation email. In order to utilize speedy check-in, you must have a printed pass. If you are unable to print out your car pass or did not receive one, please contact the Reception Center or stop by and we will print one for you.
We do encourage all first time guests to stop in the Reception Center for a brief orientation of the resort. If you are staying in one of our Rentals, please stop at the gate to obtain your key from the attendant.

What are the wristbands for?

In order to ensure that all guests are registered, all children (aged 3-17) will be given a Normandy Farms wristband to wear during their stay.  The wristbands will be distributed from our Hospitality Station when it is staffed, otherwise they will be given out at the Reception Center.  These wristbands are required for children to access the pools, bike park, and planned recreation events. If you are expecting visitors during you stay, please be advised that visitors between the ages of 3-17 will also be issued wristbands as well. Please notify us if your occupants have changed since you made your reservation so that we can update the number of wristbands that will be issued.

Can we drain our gray water on the ground?

We’re sorry, but, per Massachusetts State Law, no sink/shower waste shall be thrown on the surface of the ground or disposed of in open pits. An alternative would be to borrow (at no cost) one of our portable honey carts (they must be emptied and promptly returned to the Office) which can be emptied at the Dump Station, or schedule to have your holding tanks emptied by us (for a fee) or if you have a popup you can drain your gray water into some type of receptacle or your own portable honey cart and dispose of the waste at the dumping station.

How can I help the environment while at Normandy Farms?

We’re all concerned about our environment and we should be. Here are some tips that you and your family can do to help:

  • At Normandy Farms, we request that you choose only environmentally safe holding tank additives, deodorizers, sanitizers, etc., for your RV. For your convenience, our camp store carries only environmentally safe holding tank products.
  • We’re also excited to offer single sort recycling, which makes recycling even easier. Simply deposit your cardboard, glass or aluminum in one of our recycling dumpsters and the sorting is done for you! If you are depositing your recycling in a bag, please note that it must be clear. For you convenience, we distribute these bags at the Reception Center.
  • If you are going off for the day, be sure to turn off any lights, heat or AC within your RV.
  • Please don’t litter!
  • Other green efforts on our behalf include sensor lights at the restroom and laundry facilities, water saving devices on the showers, and waterless urinals in the men’s restrooms. We have also replaced all of the lights in the park with fluorescent bulbs. We will continue to make green improvements in the years to come and appreciate your cooperation!
  • Some of our green initiatives include:
    •    Using pressure reducing shower valves to decrease water flow
    •    Replaced all lights with LED bulbs
    •    Timers and sensors on lights
    •    Using low flush and waterless urinals along with Eco-Cubes in urinals to eliminate flushing and reduce water waste
    •    Offer single sort recycling which combines cardboard, glass and aluminum into one receptacle
    •    Landscaping using plants/flowers that require less water
    •    Utilizing tank-less water heaters at our restrooms and rentals
    •    Onsite composting
    •    Paperless reservations using email confirmations

What size RV’s do your sites accommodate and what type of hookups?

Our sites vary in size but can accommodate the largest manufactured coaches. We also offer sites equipped with water, electric (20/30/50 amp), sewer, and cable TV. A “Full Hookup” site is considered one with water, electric, and sewer. All 50 amp sites have adapters for both 50 & 30 amp. You can view pictures of our sites from our site map.

Are bikes allowed?

Of course! We even have a sweet bike park. We just ask that while in the park, you practice safe riding and be courteous of others…and remember no riding after dusk! “We strongly encourage helmets to be worn while riding bicycles, skateboards, scooters, roller skates or blades.” Massachusetts State Legislation Chapter 85, Section 11D.

Are Motorcycles, Golf Carts, ATV’s Motorized Scooters, Hover boards, Mopeds (any any similar vehicle)

Motorcycles are permitted for our camping guests. Unfortunately, visitors will not be permitted to bring their motorcycles into the park. Motorcycles will be permitted on a trial basis. A limit of two motorcycles parked on site. Only motorcycles with DOT (Department of Transportation) exhausts are permitted within the park. Any motorcycle with a loud noise level will be subject to the management’s discretion. Helmets must be worn within the park and riding in the park is limited to entering and exiting the park. Motorcycles are not permitted to be started or ridden between quiet hours 11pm to 8am. Visitors with motorcycles will be required to park in the lot adjacent to the Reception Center.

Unless required for a medical condition or accessibility, golf carts, motorized scooters, mopeds, or dirt bikes are not permitted in the park. Please note, our insurance company requires a certificate of insurance naming Normandy Farms as additional insured for these types of vehicles. Speed limit within the park is 9mph.

Can I bring my drone?

For the privacy and safety of our guests, drones are not permitted on our property.

What cable channels do you offer?

2 WGBH-2 (PBS)
4 WBZ-4 (CBS)
5 WCVB-5 (ABC)
7 WHDH-7 (NBC)
8 Local01
9 WSBE36
11 WLVI-56 (CW)
13 WFXT-25 (FOX)
14 WSBK-38 (IND)
15 WBPX-68 (ION)
16 WGBX-44 (PBS)
17 WUNI-27 (UNI)
20 WMFP-62
21 WUTF-66
22 Local03
23 WYDN48
24 Disney Channel
25 Nickelodeon
26 ABC Family
28 MTV
29 VH-1
30 FX
31 TBS
33 TNT
34 E! Entertainment
35 USA Network
36 Lifetime
37 A&E
38 TLC
39 Discovery Channel
40 Food Network
41 Fox News
42 CNN
43 CNN Headline News
47 Weather Channel
50 ESPN2
52 CSN
53 Travel Channel
54 Hallmark
55 Spike TV
57 Bravo
58 QVC
59 AMC
60 Cartoon Network
61 Comedy Central
62 Sci-Fi Channel
63 Animal Planet
64 TV Land
65 Golf
66 NBC Sports
67 BET
71 History
96 WNEU60
98 Local04

Do you have free WiFi and how do I connect?

Yes, we offer complimentary wireless Internet service throughout the park. We also have computer stations fully equipped with Internet service available in our Business Center at the Reception Center. Please keep in mind that our Wireless Internet is intended for our guests to check email and peruse the Internet. If you are experiencing any issues with the wireless internet, please call the 24×7 support number 866-239-6400.

For those traveling with a satellite dish, please keep in mind that we have many trees here in New England, so satellite service may be limited.

is there a dress code?

We just ask that you adhere to “Family Friendly Attire”.  Proper attire, including shoes and shirts, should be worn at all times. The park is a casual, family-oriented environment. Ensuring our resort is family friendly is an important part of the camping experience. In that spirit, we ask you to use your discretion and common
sense. Attire that is not appropriate for the park—and which may result in refusal of admittance—includes but is not limited to:

  • Clothing with objectionable material, including obscene language or graphics
  • Clothing which, by nature, exposes excessive portions of the skin that may be viewed as inappropriate for a family environment
  • Offensive tattoos