Camping New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Camping Resolutions

A study was found that Forty-four percent of Americans make New Year’s resolutions….

 A lot of campers don’t think about their outdoor activities when considering New Year’s Resolutions, but it is definitely something that can benefit you and your family.

There are the standard New Year’s Resolutions like losing weight, getting more exercise or even saving money which are fine, but why not turn those ideas into your family camping plans? Consider your camping style and then think of a few good New Year’s Resolutions to strengthen and enhance your camping experiences. Here are a few tips to help you with your Resolution

 Get a Bit of Exercise while Camping

Exercise and being healthy are your standard New Year’s Resolutions, and there are fun and easy ways to integrate them into your camping trips. Hiking or biking are the most obvious ways to get some exercise while you’re camping. Even though a camping vacation is often about resting and relaxing, a good hike around the park or a bike ride through the trails can be both fun and healthy for you.

 Introduce Someone to Camping

Having been a camper my entire life, it is hard to understand some of the misconceptions about camping. However, these come to light when you sit around at a party talking to people who have never been camping and they tell you what they think of camping. Some of it is wrong or distorted information that is keeping them away from giving it a try. It’s like not wanting to go swimming in the lake because there are sharks. If they only knew there were no sharks in lakes, there would be no reason not to go swimming and miss out on all that fun!

So ask around and talk to your friends, family and neighbors. If you feel up for it, plan a big multi-family trip or invite all of your old college buddies out camping. If you want to take a more cautious approach, see if you have one co–worker or a friend from bowling league that might want to join you on a camping trip. Make sure to have all of the gear they’ll need, and tell them what they will need to wear and bring.  Help them every step of the way. You might be surprised how much you need to tell them about your camping experiences. If you are patient, helpful and go out of your way to show them how great camping is, you may convince them to make a habit of enjoying the great outdoors like you do!

 Go Camping Some Place New

We all have our favorite campgrounds and places we like to visit. We have fond memories of the times we have spent there camping in the past and hope to repeat these great trips. There is nothing wrong with that but I have found through my years of camping that some of the best camping experiences come from the new campsites that we visit.

It is both exciting and thrilling to discover new places. Not only is the destination something to look forward to, trips through Colorado are wonderful, full of their own adventure and beauty.

When you are looking for a new place to camp, consider how adventurous you want to be. If you want to go the conservative route, look to places close to your favorite camping spots. You can even explore these other locations while you are camping at your favorite area.

If you are looking to be more adventurous, find a place you have never been, and then find out where you can camp. If you are going this route make sure to have a backup plan should your campground be full or the area is not to your liking.

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A Fun way to keep your New Year’s Resolution!